Rogue + Wolf Lotus Awakens Ring: Black


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Made by Rogue and Wolf.

A gentle budding lotus symbol adorns this ring.

Right here, in this moment, wake up and rise like a lotus.

3D printed in polyamide plastic.


Ring Size Guide

US Size

SML Scale



/Midi Sizes/




US 3

Small Midi



US 4

Medium Midi



/Normal Sizes/




US 6




US 7




US 8




US 9




The above sizes are intended for ladies' fingers mostly. For men, a US size 9 is considered Medium.

Keep an eye for our notes on a few rings with a wild personality! For example a 'long ring', that covers much of the finger, might need a size up for a more comfortable fit.

How to measure your ring size

You can get your ring size professionally measured at any jeweller's, they will usually offer this service for free. If you are in a hurry and want to measure on your own, follow the instructions below.

Take a ring that feels comfortable at the finger you plan on wearing your new ring. Measure the inside diameter of the ring with a ruler or tape (that's the distance from one side to the other at the widest point). You should come up with a number close to the ones shown above. If you need any further help we are always here to help! :) 

Measuring the circumference of your finger with a soft tape is not accurate and can result in funky measurements.


Sustainable 3D Printing:

This product is 3D printed, making it incredibly sustainable and solidly ethical. Printed in a high tech facility in the Netherlands with minimal waste of resources and fair EU wages.


3D printed with lasers and magic!

Unique material 3D printed with lasers & technomancy magic! The quirky material and fun texture is loved by Rogue and Wolf fans for many years now! Very lightweight without losing on durability, it's way tougher than it looks!


Hypoallergenic & Skin Friendly

If your beautiful skin dislikes contact with metal, R + W 3D printed jewellery will be perfect for you. They have not had a single complaint about skin sensitivity or skin reaction to their plastic 3D printed jewellery.


Good for the Environment

Rogue + Wolf love 3D printing because it is precise and friendly to our environment. Yes, it's many times more expensive for them, but it's high tech sustainable manufacturing with minimal waste compared to traditional manufacturing, and lower carbon footprint!


My ring broke, can anything be done about it?

Put it in a box and bury it. Hold a moment of silence as well. We hope it was loved during its long life with you. If it died early though, within 1 month from buying, get in touch with us, we might be able to summon it back from the dead for you! :)