Restyle Enchanted Forest Hobo Bag


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Made by Restyle.

Picture a magical forest, where lush ferns and otherworldly flowers possess enchanting properties. Above this mystical haven, the northern lights weave a celestial tapestry, a nocturnal ballet of colors — purple, turquoise, and green — casting an ethereal glow.

Behold the singular creation that is the Restyle bag, a masterpiece of intricate embroidery. At its heart, akin to a precious jewel, is a mystical moth whose wings shimmer in hues of purple, pink, and blue. Embroidered crystals, moon phases, and stars scatter across the embroidered bag's surface, delicately twinkling like celestial storytellers recounting mysteries of the night. And of course, our signature fern leaves couldn't be omitted!

We chose embroidery for its noble and enduring nature. It graces the ENCHANTED FOREST bag, lending it an air of elegance and a beautifully textured surface. The colors, vivid and deep, breathe life into the design.

This gothic hobo bag is not just a visual feast; it's also incredibly spacious, capable of harboring all the secrets of the enchanted forest. Open it up, and you'll discover an additional compartment, a sanctuary for organizing your belongings. A back zip pocket adorned with a silver crescent will harbor all your little secret spells. The shoulder bag comes complete with a comfortable, adjustable strap adorned with crystals, ensuring both style and practicality in your enchanted adventures. 

Composition: velvet (100% polyester)

width 45.5 cm
height 40 cm